We do not anticipate that everyone taking our course will make the decision to become self employed. With your new skills you could work as a groomer for vet clinics, boarding kennels, pet shops or a grooming shop.

Has Your Dream Always Been to Work For Yourself?
Is This the Time?

With the job market still on the rise you may find it is the perfect time to begin earning money on your own. Dog grooming, as a trade, is expected to grow another 12% by the year 2023. Baby boomers make up the largest segment of the population and have the largest amount of disposable money to spend. In a lot of cases the dog in their life has taken the place of their now grown children and grandchildren. They enjoy their pets and enjoy spending money on them. Dog Grooming have stats proving it is a recession proof business!

Since 1975 we have seen the economy go up and down many times and we were simply never affected by and of it. You can be assured there is always someone who owns a dog that requires a haircut or a good bath every few weeks.

How Much Can You Make?
The average haircut is $40.00. and the average, experienced dog groomer can easily clip/groom 5/8 dogs per day. Can you do the math? One great feature about this trade is the fact that overhead is very low. Especially if you can operate a home shop or make grooming house calls. You need money to replenish your grooming products(shampoo’s, dips etc), money to keep your blades sharp(approx.$5.00 sharpening fee per blade), a cell phone, (which you probably already have) and the ability to promote your services. Then you just start grooming and charging for your services.

The second half of our training manual is devoted to teaching how to start a dog grooming business!

How to start A Dog Grooming Business…

Business ownership

  • Business Planning…3 Different Strategies
  • Setting up your Shop
  • Zoning Regulations
  • Pricing Your Services
  • Naming your Business


  • Customer Record Keeping
  • Bookkeeping…Tax Information
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Getting and Keeping Customers
  • Customer Relations
  • Questions Customers Ask-Correct Answers
  • Time Management
  • Hiring Help

The big money in our trade is made by working for yourself.
If this is a dream you have always held on to… now is the perfect time to launch your own professional dog grooming business! You’ll be so proud of yourself and glad you did! We know you’ll never, ever look back and will wish you done it years ago!