As a student learning through dog grooming courses for beginners, you have to be wondering how you will acquire the hands-on experience that is so necessary for your success. Right ? Believe it or not, practice dogs are easier to locate than you would think.

You will begin by asking your friends, acquaintances, family and neighbors if they would allow you to groom their dogs free of charge in exchange for the beneficial practice that you require for your course. Many people, especially the elderly, Are trying to save money each month and will benefit from this.

You can also solicit your service by volunteering at the Humane Society and Dog Shelters, Pounds and Pet Adoption Agencies. Because clean dogs are easier to adopt out, they will gladly welcome your service. Think of the joy it brings knowing you actually had a part in finding a new home for this poor abandoned dog!

In addition, we will provide you with a marketing piece, which if used, is going to supply you with plenty of practice dogs-guaranteed!

So, as you can see, you are about to Learn by Doing!