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Most definitely! Many individuals would just rather work for someone else. Completing this program should open the doors to occupations at kennels, vets, pet stores or even other grooming shops. If you should change your mind someday and want to become self-employed, you will have all the information available for you to begin.

No! There are no special licenses or state permits. If you become self-employed you will, however, be required to get an occupational license just like all other businesses. You will receive a completion certificate of training, just as the traditional schools issue.

It is designed to be finished in as little as 3 months. Since you will be working at your own pace it varies between each person. Some individuals are focusing entirely on this and can finish it much quicker than the person who has a full time job and family they’re committed to. We recommend that a study schedule be set up so that you remain focused and are able to complete it in a reasonable time.

The quality of the videos are very good, with good lighting and good camera shots. The company that does the dubbing for us is excellent. We took many, many weeks to put these all together. They truly are packed full of quality instructions. We are narrating as we are grooming so that you feel like you are with us in person , learning beside us. You will learn from them!!!

As our title infers…we only work with dogs. Cats are tricky and many times difficult to work with. We, ourselves, learned a looong time ago that there are enough dogs to keep you as busy as you want to be, and made the decision to groom “dogs only”. It is no small secret that cats can deliver bites and scratches unpredictably, and we do not feel comfortable offering advice about grooming them, when there is this potential risk factor. However, there are books out there on how to groom them, and you should be able to apply what you have learned from us right on over into cat grooming.

We honestly do not get that many questions, as the course is very thorough.  But, we do want you to email your questions.   The course instructor will always reply very soon after the question is submitted.

Stop and think a moment how much it must cost to run a large training institute like those that you are referring to. That’s where the difference is. Our information is no less thorough…but our size sure is different. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you’re not paying a fortune that you are going to receive much less than you need – as nothing could be farther from the truth. We strive to offer the best at the most affordable cost…you definitely will get your money’s worth, plus lots more!!

You will be expected to take camera shots of the dogs that you give haircuts to. Five shots per dog: 1. Dog before the haircut 2. Clipped dog facing the camera 3. Tail facing the camera 4. Dog’s left side 5. Dog’s right side. You will be given a personal written critique of your grooming skills based on these photos. Within your written report we will offer tips for improvement, as needed, as well as praise for work that is well done.

It will depend on the type of problems you had. Dog grooming is a physical occupation. It requires one to have good, strong muscles and back. Those with carpal-tunnel tendencies should not consider it as a full-time occupation. Obviously, those with pet allergies should not consider it.