We feel our track record speaks for it self. Over the past 20 years, we can account for a very long list of successful new dog groomers. The individuals are just like yourself who were filled with the self determination to make the course work for them. They didn’t have thousands of dollars to attend a dog grooming school in their area. They couldn’t put their daily job on hold while they learned a new trade. They could however, use our low cost option to meet their goals. Our materials can work as well as that of an expensive pet grooming school if the student is determined to meet us at the end of finish line.

I think the question most commonly asked by those interested in our course are: 

  • How does your course compare to an expensive dog groomer school?
  • Can I really learn the same information that the school for dog grooming offer and actually be a good dog groomer once I complete your course?

Both are excellent questions and deserve honest answers.

Any written course must be based on experience. No matter whose course it is or how much it costs, your hope should be that a professional dog groomer developed the study outline and materials.  Believe it or not, there are some courses available to you that don’t meet these criteria.

Our experience in this profession spans over 3 decades. We took several months to outline, write and develop this course.
The development of the videos took several additional months.

We believe that the information we share does match that of the majority of school for pet grooming through out the nation.

Our course is pro-active… meaning you are required to groom/clip/scissor-style dogs into their proper breed specific hairstyles. A brick-n-mortar school would have an instructor in the training room with you to assist in this hands-on-phase. Naturally, we can’t be with you physically. However, our video instructions were developed to give you the feeling that we are there with you. Our videos do not have back ground music and empty space. The student hears non-stop training information from start to finish. We are speaking to you-just as if you were in the room the day the video was recorded. Also, we are a quick phone call or away if you need on-the-spot help.

As with any home study curriculum, the success or failure lies on the shoulders of the person taking the course. We provide the one-on-one time via phone and email consultations. The rest is up to the student. We want everyone to be a successful groomer. We don’t want anyone to fail. For some individuals the skills will come easier than it will for others… but we are of the firm belief that the more a person practices the better these new acquired skills become. Why not utilize our materials as the starting point and begin to excel one step at a time… one dog at a time?