If your passion is pets then dog grooming should be your career!

          How would you like to learn from a team of two, 20+ year, veteran-professional groomers teaching you the ALL the skills, tips, & secrets only the Pro’s know?

          That’s what you will experience the moment you begin to participate in our 95% hands-on home-study training lessons. It’s very possible your success will be attained in just a few short weeks, AND starting on a low shoe-string budget! 

          We’ll create confidence in you that you never knew you had! Your Pet grooming training is now within your reach and no previous experience or education is required!

The Complete Professional Dog Grooming Course

What is The All About Dog Grooming Course?

Our extremely popular dog grooming course will 

teach you how to…

  • Bathe, clip & style over 30 popular breeds exactly like the pros
  • Soon be your own boss…Choose your own hours
  • You may work full time or part-time. Perhaps supplement your current income or just earn extra spending $$
  • Start a home business if you wish
  • Start quickly even if you have little cash


  • Hard to locate dog grooming classes
  • Expensive pet grooming schools

Why should you get Dog Grooming Course?

Why become a dog groomer? The perfect reason.. You’re an animal lover, so why not enjoy your days working with them in a new, emotionally rewarding career! 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Wonderful pay with little expenses or startup costs
  • The ability to groom anywhere from rural to big city.. Anywhere in the world
  • Be recognized as a respected pet care professional
  • Be self employed, if desired, to set your own hours and schedule

How does Dog Grooming Course work?



  • 21 chapters with Chapter Tests to enhance your learning. 
  • Grooming check lists by Breed so that you will be certain you have covered every step to completion
  •  Grooming Chart covering 20 of the Working breeds with grooming instructions and bath frequency charts. 
  • Brushing & De-Matting 
  • Bathing & Dipping 
  • Blow (Fluff) Drying 
  • Coat Conditioning 
  • Ear Plucking and Cleaning 
  • Eye Care 
  • Anal Glands 
  • Nail Trimming 
  • Handling the clippers 
  • Skin types 
  • Avoiding Clipper/Brush burn

            Grooming Skills For All Breeds

  • Setting the Patterns
  • Clipping with variety of different blade sizes
  • Clipping with Blade Extenders
  • Hand scissoring
  • Thinning the Coat

            Grooming Skills By Breed

  • Grooming Puppies
  • Grooming Aging Dogs

            Special Dog Care

  • Skin Conditions and Care
  • Internal & External Parasites
  • Ear Infections
  • Foot Problems
  • Warts
  • Hip and Knee-Cap Problems
  • Teeth
  • Nervousness, Convulsions-Seizures
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Sanitation

            Animal Health

  • Your Safety
  • Personality Traits
  • Muzzles
  • Dog Bites
  • Tranquillizer Facts

            Handling and Control

  • Grooming Puppies
  • Grooming Aging Dogs

            Special Dog Care

  • Business Planning…3 Different Strategies
  • Setting up your Shop
  • Zoning Regulations
  • Pricing Your Services
  • Naming your Business

            Business Ownership

  • Customer Record Keeping
  • Bookkeeping …Tax Information
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Getting and Keeping Customers
  • Customer Relations
  • Questions Customers Ask-Correct Answers
  • Time Management
  • Hiring Help


  • The important but really simple approach to save money and stay organized

Grooming Equipment, 

Supplies, & Maintenance

  • Nine Ways

            Ways To Earn Extra Money


  • Central core of this career development
  • Our 8 hours of filmed instructional training are the key to success of our package.
  • They are provided on 2 Four-Hour Long-Playing DVDs (8 Hours Total).
  • Enjoy easy menu access to each breed and grooming topic!
  • You will feel as though you are with us in person teaching you by our side! 

  • Our tapes are produced and dubbed by an excellent videography company on high quality DVDs designed for heavy use. The lighting and camera shots capture each lesson with clarity. They are packed full of quality instruction!!
  • From this training you will be shown how to properly bathe, blow-dry, clip and scissor style over 30 of the most popular breeds. Here are just some of the breeds you’ll learn groom..

Terrier Breeds:

Including the Schnauzer, Wire Fox, Scotties, West Highland White

Spaniel Breeds:

Including the Cocker (American and English) and Springer

Parted Coats:

Including the Maltese, Yorkshire and Silky, LhasaApso and Shihtzu

Mixed Breeds:

Including the Pekeapoo, Cockapoo and several others


Old English Sheepdog and Bichon-Frise are shown

The Poodle:

is covered extensively, paying particular attention to clipping the feet and face safely without fear of clipper-burn problems. An in-depth segment on Hand-Scissoring and putting the Poodle into a Kennel, Lamb and Teddy Bear Pattern and then into the more advanced patterns of Summer(Bikini) Dutch and their variations.

On video you’ll be shown exactly how to hold the dogs and tools so that you will be able to efficiently handle both. You’ll be shown each of the various steps that lead up to the hair clipping.. toenail trims, ear plucking, anal gland care, bathing, dipping, fluff-drying and de-matting the coat. Also on video.. how to clean and do simple required maintenance on the clippers. Also how to properly handle the dogs in a safe manner to ensure your safety and that of the animal. We even have a segment on making hair bows “our way”!

(Note:We are showing you how to groom for the family dog only, not for the show ring.)


  • Our dog grooming training package is very thorough and quite honestly, questions seldom come up. 
  • Our one-on-one, life-time assistance will be a valuable asset to you.
  • We pride ourselves on how efficiently we personally handle inquiries.

  • We have a toll free phone system in place that rings us up almost anywhere we are. You will not get a phone operator... but will always speak with one of us. You may also choose to email us if you desire... but there are always times when you need to speak to a real person!


  • Once you complete our course, show quality and proof of your grooming knowledge to future customers. 
  • It will look wonderful in your home or place of business

Unsolicited Feedbacks:

"What an exciting book of information! I just want you to know, I will be referring your services to others. I really enjoyed the course! I wish I have done this years ago!!! Thank you."

Laurie W.


Loved the Training Manual

"I really like the videos. They are very concise and clear. Thank you for creating this home study course. It's a boon to distance learning. Also, very affordable."

Frances M.


A word regarding the videos

"This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little bit more about your product.""I am writing to say thank you again for all the time and experience you shared with me. Your materials are very complete and I refer to the manual and videos daily for help. Also Carol thank you for the unhurried time you spent with me on the phone! I have been open one month and I already have over 30 costumers. Most have made 2nd appointments. Keep selling these teaching materials because they are excellent. All I have learned is through them and you. I wish I had started years ago - it's a very rewarding career."

Barb D.

South Dakota

"What an exciting book of information! I just want you to know, I will be referring your services to others. I really enjoyed the course! I wish I have done this years ago!!! Thank you."Hi Carol, I received the packages today and boy are they great! I could not stop watching the first learn to groom DVD. Then I was reading the handbook, oh my its full of so much great information. I forgot to mention that I worked in a vet hospital for 11 years and have been a licensed veterinary technician for 5 years. I have an extensive background in dogs and cats and could tell right off the bat that this was going to be a great course!I cannot give you and Richard enough kudos! I'm so excited for my new career! And am extremely satisfies with my decision with your materials. Thank You!


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