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Not all dog grooming training courses & schooling are created equal!

Before making a choice of how you would like to get started in this profession, you should carefully compare and understand the training curriculum, tools, level of support and assistance you will be getting for each option. Your success depends on it!

We have observed that the home dog grooming training programs offered on the Internet are primarily offered by one of two types of companies.

1. The first is what we call ”corporate schools,” some offering over 70 home study training programs in fields from Accounting to Web Page Design including ‘Pet Groomer.’

We can’t comment on the quality of their training programs for other career areas, but we can tell you that the ‘Pet Groomer’ programs from some of these ‘schools’ have serious deficiencies that will make it much more difficult to achieve your goal of becoming a successful dog groomer.

Dog grooming training for home study is not just another topic to say we cover-
it’s all we do and we were the first in the Nation to do it!

2. The second type of company offering home grooming training programs is one that exclusively focuses on dog or pet grooming. These ‘dedicated’ training company programs generally provide better training materials and support, but they can also vary significantly in cost, tool quality (if they offer tools) and the level of support they offer.

We offer what we believe are the best and most complete training materials and the most personalized support you can get!

We think our dedication to do one thing and do it well, will become clear once you compare the areas that create a great dog grooming training program.

Please use the chart below to compare different programs you may be considering.

Area of Comparison“Corporate School” Programs‘Dedicated’ Training ProgramsAll About Dog Grooming
Study ManualGeneral InformationVarying quality and depth21 chapters of in-depth information, derived from 25 years field training
Visual TrainingNone?Yes, 8 hours of live training via DVDs. Just like standing next to the table with us! Do you really think you can train without being shown how?
Consultations & SupportYes. Have patience. But will you talk with a real professional dog groomer or the hired help??Questions answered via email daily and by phone almost immediately.Always by your instructor. Never the hired help who could never possibly answer a dog grooming question properly
Years In BusinessVariesVariesWe were the first in the nation to offer a dog grooming training course for home study!
Number of Groomers Trained??Over 1000
Package Cost$$ – $$ Our program cost (with or without professional tools) is comparable or a little lower than most, and much less than some.