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Dog Grooming for Success Driven Dog Lovers!.

A Dog Grooming Training Course by Professional Groomers

If Your Passion is for Pets, then Dog Grooming should be your Career!!

Complete Dog Grooming Training Package

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How would you like a team of two, 20+ year, veteran-professional groomers come into your home and teach you the ALL the skills, tips & secrets only the Pro’s know? That’s what you will experience the moment you begin to participate in our 95% hands-on home-study training lessons. It’s very possible your success will be attained in just a few short weeks, AND starting on a low shoe-string budget! We’ll create confidence in you that you never knew you had! Your Pet grooming training is now within your reach and no previous experience or education is required!

Dog Grooming offers…

  • Wonderful pay with low overhead
  • Groom anywhere from rural to big city…anywhere in the world
  • Be recognized as a respected Pet Care Professional


  • Hard to locate dog grooming classes
  • Expensive pet grooming schools

Our extremely popular dog grooming course will teach you how to…

  • Bathe, clip & style over 30 popular breeds exactly like the pros
  • Soon be your own boss…Choose your own hours
  • You may work full time, or part time. Perhaps supplement your current income or just earn extra spending $$
  • Start a home business if you wish
  • Start quickly even if you have little cash

Our highly affordable Dog Grooming Training Package provides…smallpoodle1

  • Extensive Study Manual
  • Training with Us Through 8 hrs of Dog Grooming DVDs
  • Personal One on One Coaching with Us By Phone upon request
  • Certificate of Training
  • Training fee that anyone should be able to afford


Please take a few minutes to carefully review everything on this site to learn how you can soon join thousands of others who are now realizing their pet career goals.

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